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Cleaning the recoil spring


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Sorry to bring this up again but I have a new Super Sport 20 ga and what are the opinions on cleaning the recoil spring by removing the retaining nut rather than flushing the tube with with solvent. Benelli via phone suggests just running solvent down the recoil tube, moving the bolt back and forth a couple of times then letting the mess drain out the bottom of the recoil tube (stock removed, of course). Let dry for a couple of hours, apply oil down the recoil tube and reassemble the stock. Following a thread on this forum, I removed the retaining retaining nut, took out the recoil spring and cam, and cleaned them up on the bench. My local gun smith suggested putting locktite on the threads to reassemble. However, my retaining nut has a plastic lock washer with threads inside the recoil tube. (I am lucky that I did not melt the washer when a applied heat to the nut to remove it.) Because of the plastic "lock thread", I am not sure that I need to reapply LockTite. Has anyone had a problem with the recoil tube retaining nut loosening during firing?

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