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M2 cycling issue


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Dont know where to go from here. I purchased my M2 6 weeks ago and use primarily for waterfowl. I have put over 400 rounds through it , 3" #3 1 1/8 Kents, and still have jamming issue evertime i go out hunting. I clean the gun very well after each use, well lubricated rails , cleaned the plunger in buttstock, tried everything this forum has listed for problems. I am very frustrated . Whats weird is it doesnt seem to jam the same way every time. Ive had FTFs, Failure to eject spent hulls, and this last time in the blind on my 3rd shot it did not fully chamber the shell and i had to push the bolt forward to finish the cycle. Have a trip scheduled to Arkansas in 2 weeks on a guided hunt. No way I can send it in and get it back in time. I purchased this 1300 dollar shotgun so I would not have these issues on this dream hunt. Very dissapointed to say the least. Does anyone have anymore suggestions that I can try to figure out this problem without sending it in?

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Have you asked anyone else to shoot the gun?

Although rare, there have been cases of Benelli owners not properly shouldering the gun and thus hampering the Inertia system fro doing its job.


It has been my experience that the Benellis like to be run almost dry, with just a light film of quality CLP.

Nothing left wet looking and certainly no drips.


Kents usually work flawlessly for me, but you could try some other brands of shells just to rule that out.


Does the action cycle smoothly by hand, or are there rough spots in the process?

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I have tried Ferderals, Remington Nitro's, Winchester Xpert's, and now switched to Kent's. You know i was thinking the same when you mentioned shouldering the gun. The last time it didnt finish cycling I instantly thought I did'nt have it in my shoulder well. Im not familiar with the inertia system as this is my first Benelli. I though Tom Knapp shot M2's while holding them at his side or over his head. So does it need to have that pressure on the end of the stock or not? I am lost. I am hunting in the morning and will concentrate more on shouldering my gun properly. We will see. I was using Rem Oil and switched to the oil that came with the gun made by benelli. I will try to find some clp and give it a try. Thanks for the reply. Either way I am stuck with it until I get back from Stuttgart, Ark. on my hunt. If I still having issues I am definately sending it in . I want to think this is the best waterfowl gun on the market. I just never had issues like this with my Beretta 391. But it is totaly different operating system. Very frustrating.

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You can't always go by what Tom Knapp does.

He's a big ol' fellow and he can grip that gun tightly.

I'd also bet that they don't just give him one off the line.


Yes, there must be resistance to operate the system.

I tried to shoot some dove loads from the hip and they stovepiped every time.


Remoil stinks on ice in January..

Use CLP and wipe off the excess, leaving nothing but a sheen.


Some pistol guys have been telling me about a dry lube from Liquid wrench.

I bought a can at Wally World the other night, but have yet to try it on anything.

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Hey tucker thanks again for the info. I will swing by Walmart tommorrow and try out that dry lube by Liquid

Wrench . Do they carry CLP there also? Also , I am worried about the camo finish on the gun getting jacked up. What do you use to clean this ? Ive just been wipping with a damp cloth then drying well. Is there some kind of protectant/cleaner thats safe for these types of finish?


I will let you know tommorrow how my cycling issue turns out after my hunt.

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