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choke tube wrench


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When and why did benelli change there standard choke wrench. My wife has a mont. 20 ga. that came w/ a nice wrench w/ thread cleaner. I just bought a super sport and after 65 day find this new cheap thing. I did not buy a benelli because it was cost effective. I bought if cause there the best. so why! As much as i paid for the gun how much more would it have cost me to get the better wrench

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I thought the same thing wsup with the new choke tube wrench its so cheap. I also have a mont 20 ga and two 12 ga SBE1's and all three came with a nice 1st class wrench.I bought a SBEII and it has this cheap thing for a wrench does anyone know if benelli makes a better wrench for SBEII??????

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My guess is Benelli did not want to create a new choke tube wrench with the thread cleaner due to the existing one cannot reach all the threads on the SBEII and M2. I don't know if that's true for the SportII and Super Sport.


So Benelli went with a cheap wrench which does not fit all the chokes.


sbe II choke wrench problem?


Sounds like the bean counters caused this change.


Regards threeshot

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I happen to like them .. flat, simple and easy to carry in a pocket.


I think its actually better than the old ones for these reasons.


If ya have problems getting the wrench into the Full choke, turn it on its side and use the the thumb/finger handle to loosen /tighten.

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