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Any 00 shells that can fit 5 in the M4 tube?


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I just got a new M4 and was playing around with it. I found out that with my birdshot shells, I can hold 5 in the tube. But the new Federal Tactical 00 I bought only hold 4. Are all 00 shells longer than birdshot shells? If there aren't any 2 3/4" 00 that can hold 5, should I just load four 3" 00 shells? If the 2 3/4" and 3" are the same capacity in the M4, shouldn't I get the extra power and pellets of the 3 incher? Sorry if these are newbie questions.

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Guest cleefurd
all manufactures are different lengths,just a bit,,that bit starts adding up,federals are way too much,,the old winchesters or remingtons where the best, peace


Vouching for the old Winchesters/Olin, we have a local home based NFA dealer who has a back room full of ancient ammo, well kept, and that is what I'm using early tomorrow on the rural deer.

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