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Overall about the R1


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What are your overall thoughts about the R1?


From what i have read, the R1 cycles very well, some think its ugly, and some love it. Many people claim that this rifle is inaccurate and sooting 2.5" groups or worse at 100 yards.


Another problem, and do not understand how, but when the gun is taken apart to be cleaned and reassembled, it now needs to be re sighted in. Now when people take them apart do they take the scopes right off the barrel? I looked at the owners manual and from what i saw, there would be no need to remove the scope and i cannot see how this gun would throw itself off after reassembly.


has anybody tried getting a muzzle break installed? and what about the break that just adjusts the gun for loads and does not reduce recoil? not sure of the name.


Does anybody have absolutely no problem with this gun and would go out and buy another one?

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Disassembly separates the receiver from the barrel.

As the two are put back together, it's nearly impossible to repeat the mechanical mating of the parts, the pressures, and the torques at which they were previously mated.

That means that zero may and often change.

It won't be way off, but it will change.

100 yards, you'll probably be fine, but at 300 you could easily make a bad shot or miss a deer-sized animal completely.


If you can live with that inconvenience, the R1 is not a bad semi-automatic hunting rifle. There's no accuracy guarantee with the R1.

Some shoot pretty darned well, while others are 2 or 3 MOA at best. Maybe it's the shooter. Maybe it's the crappy trigger.


For less money, you can get the Browning BAR Shorttrac or Longtrac Stalker, which I consider a better all around gun.



I have one. I loved my R1, but it was high maintenance and all I wanted was a decently accurate and reliable semi-auto deer rifle.



For just a little bit more money than the R1, you can get the FN AR which is guaranteed to shoot 1 MOA or better from the factory.

It's only available in 7.62 x 51 at this writing.

The rifle is based on the Browning BAR action.



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