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Question from new owner of 20g Nova Pump Yo


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I just purchased the Nova Pump 20g Yo model. It felt the best in the store, but when I search the internet, I can not determine if the general consensus is that it has a significant recoil. I am a 5'5 woman, never shot a shotgun before, and will be going to the range soon. Want to know what to expect.


The shop clerk said that I could get the 18.5" barrel, I wanted to further lighten the weight and that length seems it may be a better fit. CanI just buy the 18.5 barrel and change it out myself? And finally, where do I get it? Again, on the net, not much direct, consistent info on this subject.


Thanks for any help.

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What do you plan to use the gun for? Hunting, target shooting (skeet, trap, sporting clays) or home defense?


Remember, the lighter the gun, the greater the recoil. That's physics, and you can't do too much to change that.


I'd be hesitant to go with an 18.5 inch barrel unless you plan to use the gun for home defense.


What length barrel is on the gun now?


If you are afraid you'll be sensitive to recoil, keep in mind there are "low recoil" shells available. They are more difficult to find, as they are not in your "run of the mill" stores, but they are available. They work quite well for target shooting. That's what I started my daughter off with when she was just starting to shoot.


Not having shot a shotgun before, may I suggest that you find a reputable NSCA certified wingshooting instructor, and take shooting lessons first. It is far easier to learn how to shoot right the first time, than to learn poor habits and have to "un-learn" them to get it right.



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Thanks for getting back to me. I live on five acres and plan on using it for managing any wildlife that may be a problem (aggressive or sick). Other than that it is for recreational shooting and home defense. I do not know which type of shooting, but am willing to give them a try. I called a local range and they start beginners off with skeet shooting, which seems hard to me, but I'll give it a try. I will ask to determine if he is a NSCA certified wingshooting instructor.


The barrel that came with the shotgun is 24" right now.


We asked the shop clerk if there were low recoil shells, he said no, it was a function of the gun. I will pursue that though. I am 52 in Febuary, and my husband has me giving it more thought than I would if I were doing this alone. He will be shooting a pistol, and my pistol accuracy is nothing to brag about from 30+ years ago.

Your advise is very sound. All that being said, if I did want the 18.5 for home defense, were are they sold? Thanks again.

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24" barrel is a good size for someone of small stature.


I'd only use a shorter barrel for home defense. I suspect the only place to get one is directly from Benelli, but I'm not sure.


The skeet field is a good place to get some confidence. Skeet station 8 offers two great targets that give new shooters an opportunity to learn the basics and see some success, which builds confidence.


It will be important for you to establish which is your dominant eye, and try to shoot with that eye lined up with the barrel. That is, if you are right eye dominant, shoot right handed. If you are left eye dominant, shoot left-handed. It has nothing to do with whether you're left or right handed (my daughter is right-handed, but also very left eye dominant, so I taught her to shoot left-handed from day one, and she now shoots for the Kansas State University trap shooting club.)


Also, it may seem unnatural at first, but try to keep both eyes open when you shoot a shotgun. That doesn't mean you CAN'T shoot one-eyed, but its better, I believe, if you shoot with both eyes open.


The clerk you talked to either didn't know, or he just doesn't sell them, but there are low recoil shells available. Look for Fiocchi brand low recoil training shells, Remington brand managed recoil shells, or Winchester WinLite low noise, low recoil shells. These work great for target shooting, and very easy on your shoulder.


If your local retailer does not sell them, try outlets like cheaperthandirt.com (there are others.)


Good luck!

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