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  1. Capt_C, Ported choke tubes, where the ports are all around the circumference of the tube extension, cannot reduce muzzle rise. It's physics. Since the ports are all around, the resultant net force is zero. The only way ports can reduce muzzle rise is if all the ports are on the top of the barrel, causing a downward force on the barrel at the muzzle end. Ported choke tubes are a gimmick. Some of the ported choke tube brands throw nice patterns, and you should buy them for that reason. But the ports don't really do what they claim to do. I'm not saying ports don't work at all. That's not true, because muzzle brakes really do work on rifles. The problem with shotguns is that the percentage of recoil attributable to the gases (as a result of the gunpowder burning) is such a small amount of the overall recoil, that bleeding off a percentage of that small amount is almost unnoticeable. Rifles are different story, because there's so much more powder, as a ratio of powder weight to projectile weight.
  2. Don't waste your money. Porting shotguns does not reduce recoil enough to make it worthwhile. By calculation, the maximum amount (for a shotgun) would be about a 2 to 3 percent reduction in recoil. Hardly noticeable. It does, however, reduce muzzle rise if, and only if, the ports are placed on the top of the barrel.
  3. Johnny I wish you good luck with this gun. It looks nice, but in the end it is still a "entry level" gun and there is a very good reason why it costs less than the premium guns it looks like. The biggest, most damning complaints about these guns is their proclivity to "fail to fire." And worse than that, often the "barrel regulation" is poor. Plus they have TERRIBLE triggers. By barrel regulation I mean, do both barrels shoot to the same point of impact? Often, with lower level guns, they don't. And if they don't, there's no fixing it. I recommend you pattern the gun to assure POI regulation. This website provides an accurate way of testing POI regulation. http://www.mn-trap.org/tech_corner/n_winston/Point_of_Impact_and_Pattern_Testing_at_13_Yards.pdf For what it's worth, I have a Standard Condor, and have shot it a LOT, taken it apart a few times, fixed it myself, and still use it for hunting. So they can be a reasonably reliable sporting arm. But I suspect after a year of shooting with it, you will move on to something better. Tim
  4. Nice! I miss hunting with my cousin in South Dakota. On my list of things to do when I return to the USA.
  5. True, if its a standard tapered comb, and not a parallel comb (I don't know on the SBE.) But I prefer to keep the LOP so you maintain about a 1-1/2" gap between the nose and the thumb of the trigger hand. If you shorten the LOP, you might not have that. Hey Tucker. Long time no see.
  6. Yes sir. Decreasing the drop would be the same as raising the comb. Good luck, and let us know how it works. I shoot a lot of trap and I have a gun that shoots reasonably high. Works for me. If you find that the shims don't give you enough comb height, try using strips of Dr. Scholl's moleskin. Ugly, but it does work.
  7. Not sure what shim you need, but you need to raise the comb of the gun with respect to the barrel. In other words, the more rib you see when you mount the gun, the higher the gun will shoot.
  8. Humbling indeed. Practice, practice, practice. I know people who regularly shoot 25 straight in ISSF skeet, so its not impossible. Move, mount, shoot!
  9. His form sucks, but that's about it. He probably has a Secret Service guy standing behind him, handing him shells and telling him what to do. Looks like a Browning with ported barrels, Midas choke on top and a flush choke on the bottom.
  10. Its on their web site. 1 = Full 2 = Improved Modified 3 = Modified 4 = Improved Cylinder 5 = Skeet None = Cylinder
  11. Its a RUSH when they flush, isn't it? Congrats on your first painted chicken!
  12. timb99


    Great pics! Thanks for sharing. I miss my trips to SD a lot!
  13. Forcing cones lengthened and polished? Absolutely no benefit whatsoever. You'll get a lot of guys who will tell you it makes your gun pattern better, it reduces recoil, and may even cure the common cold. But there's no hard evidence to suggest any of that is true. The only thing it is guaranteed to do is make your barrel weaker. And it will benefit your gunsmith by transferring money from your pocket to his. Polishing the internals? If the action works reliably, why? I'd spend my money on getting the trigger worked on to make it smooth and break at 3-4 lbs. BTW, if your gun is reasonably new, doing any of these things will void the warranty.
  14. Remington Gun Club shells, 1-1/8 ounce in 7-1/2 or 8 shot will be perfect, as will Federal Top Gun's, or Winchester Universal's. The 1 ounce shells will break clay targets just fine (that's what I use) but in a semi-auto, they sometimes don't have enough punch to cycle the action.
  15. Nothing more open than modified. I recommend modified or an improved modified. I shoot a very, very tight full choke but I've been doing ATA trap this a long time. The off-the-shelf Wally World shells will work fine. If you want to go top shelf, go with Remington STS, Federal Gold Medal, or Winchester AA. But the Wally World shells will break clays just fine if you're just doing it for fun.
  16. bwags, The answer, of course, is; It Depends. Are you talking about trap thrown off a hand set at your buddy's farm? Or are you talking about an occasional trip to your local club to get warmed up for hunting seaons? Or are you talking about serious ATA trap for competition? If the answer is one of the first two, then yes, I'm sure a Nova or a Supernova will be fine. However, if you are someone who is planning to "get into" competitive trap shooting, there are better choices. I shoot a lot of ATA trap. Post back or post me a PM, and I will be happy to give you my opinions. Tim
  17. Guineas and Francolin are OK, but there's NOTHING like a rooster pheasant flush!
  18. Ain't they something!?!?! There's NO BETTER RUSH than a rooster pheasant flush. Did he cackle for you?
  19. Wenig http://wenig.com/
  20. Where are you that you are hunting pheasants this early? Or was it a game farm? Either way, well done!
  21. Two Swainson's Francolin (check out the spurs on those things) and a Guinea German Shorthaired Pointer we hunted with. Makes me miss my GSP at home.
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