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SBE2 cleaning question


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I have read many post on cleaning the sbe2 and have read the post by Tucker301 on cleaning for dummies but have not found the correct places and amount for oil. Everything I have read has said to oil the gun in the correct place with the correct amount. Could someone clarify this for a dummy.

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Im feeling kinda lazy, so I will just give you the "gist" of it. Essentially, all metal surfaces and working mechanisms of the gun will need oil at some point. For exterior metal surfaces, use a lightly coated (w/oil) patch to wipe down exposed areas. I generally use 8 to 10 drops of oil (on a patch) for wiping down large areas. If you find that you are "running dry", discard the old patch and oil up a new one. Once done, if you can leave a fingerprint after lightly touching the surface, its essentially enough oil. You dont want it messy or dripping by any means. This goes double for hard to reach parts. Same thing goes for the barrel (bore) and chamber.


When field stripping the gun, its essentially the same. Rub oil on parts such as the bolt, locking head assembly, firing pin (if you get that far), action bars, etc. Again, only a light coat is needed. Try to avoid getting too much oil into the firing pin hole. When dealing with the trigger assembly (once removed), only one or two drops of oil should do it. I tend to apply these few drops directly into the trigger and hammer areas. You dont want too much oil in here as it would be quite a pain to disassemble this part in order to deep clean excessive application(s) of oil or solvent, for that matter. I generally do not apply oil to these areas but 2 to 3 times a year..based on my shooting habits.


For the mag tube...well...I tend to deep clean it twice a year. I may apply a LIGHT coat of oil on the spring, but I generally tend to keep this area dry. I store ammo here for HD use and have no desire to tempt fate in terms of what oil may do to the rounds stored within. So, generally speaking, keep this area dry but clean.


As a side note...you might consider, if you havent already, of getting a bottle equipped with a needle cap. These are great for precise application(s) of oil.


Hope this helps..... PM me if you have any more questions.

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