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Slug gun accuracy M2 vs. SBEII


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Hi, I'm new to the board and am considering buying either the SBEII or M2 slug gun for use in those states that allow slugs only for whitetail deer. My question is, has anyone noticed any degradation of accuracy when using a scope mounted to the M2 receiver?

I understand that the SBE upper receiver and barrel are a rigid assembly while the M2 receiver and barrel are not. I was just curious if in the real world it matters or not.

I have read all the comments about the Remington 870 or 11/87 and own both, I just want a Benelli slug gun as well and think for my kind of hunting, insuring the bolt is in battery before a shot is not an issue for me.

Thanks, Bob

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The rigid assembly question is a hard one. It is impossible to know(from experience) that it is better. That being stated E R Shaw(custon barrels) will not make a slug barrel that is not rigid. Tar-Hunt custom guns are bolt action(rigid). I think it is better but not from real world, it just makes sense. The benifit of SBE is you get rigid in a auto and can still have a shot barrel. The Benelli's have the 1 in 28" twist which I have found to be best.

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Thanks for the reply, that is what I would expect in theory also, I was hoping someone with real world experience with the M2 would chime in as well. Has anyone any real world experience with the M2 and a receiver mounted scope?


I saw one in 20 gauge and saw the shooter shoot some 4" class groups at 100 yards. I don't know if that was because he hadn't found the right loads, wasn't that good of a shot or if it is just the best that the barrel to receiver fit would allow.



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