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  1. Shaw made a 1/36" barrel for the Black Eagle, with sights. All the SBE were 1/28" and no sights. I have had Shaw make barrels for me and have talked to them often. I also have had the Black Eagle 1/36" and it was not impressive.
  2. I have two and have drifted to muzzleloaders. I sent a shot barrel/receiver to Shaw and had them install a rifled barrel on receiver. Any interest? Open to offers.
  3. If it has open sights it is no a Shaw barrel.
  4. I think you will have a harder time finding just a slug barrel(new or used). I always bought gun w/slug barrel for this reason.
  5. There is a range of bore diamaters that meets the standard of a 12 gauge, SBE leans towards the tighter side. They feel their market is for what they make. Berretta runs middle of the road and Browning seems to go large. I do not know how many different makers have same diamater, less than you would think.
  6. E R Shaw is still in business, do a internet search. That barrel should be a SBE(will fit a SBE II) barrel. They made slug barrels for Benelli for many years. It has heavier walls than newer barrels and needs a special forearm, or sanding for stock forearm. It is a 2 3/4 or 3" only barrel. A valuable and good barrel. Do you want to sell? I know people looking for them as around here there are few rifle areas.
  7. I bought here:http://www.shotgunbroker.com/Barrels.html
  8. A SBE barrel will fit a SBE II. Newer barrels have a longer mounting tab on the magazine ring but you have a forearm to match slug barrel so there can not be any problems.
  9. The only part I question is"And wads separate from the shot within a foot or two of the muzzle, and are then a non-factor". If they push the shot after the muzzle at all they must have some affect.
  10. The ring and upper reciever are repairable. To get a custom left hand slug barrel made I had to supply a factory shot barrel to obtain these parts. They are not a seperate items you can order. Most manf. will not return parts if any warranty is given. A disconted barrel is considered giving warranty service. If parts were returned the ring could be repaired by many gunsmiths and then used w/ buldge.
  11. I have found magazines that have ammo left loaded tend to weaken the spring and cause mis-feeds. If it has been loaded that long the magazine might be junk.
  12. No new forearm. The new barrels are same ouitside dia., slug or shot.
  13. I will answer your questions w/statement of what I know. Newer barrels have a longer mating surface of the magazine ring. This can cause forearm fit problems w/older gun and newer barrel combo, forearm can be modded. The newer barrels have rifle sights. I think the newer barrel will fit stock forearm. The older barrels(marked and made by E R Shaw) do not have rifle sights. They have a thicker wall than newer barrels and require a SBE I slug barrel forearm. The shot barrel(SBE I or SBEII) forearm can be enlarged to fit a old slug barrel.
  14. It comes tapped on the reciever, no cantilever mount. It takes a standard scope base. That is the nice part, a good scope mount that goes with the barrel assembly. The fast twist rate makes it a first class slug gun. The bad part is they put rifle sights on the barrel and they can get in the way. The old barrels made by E R Shaw did not have rifle sights but they are only avail. used and there are very few for sale.
  15. I slide the bolt forward slowly until it rest on lugs. I then wiggle the bolt handle(up and down) and the action will lock. You can see the lug rotate and you feel the action go forward. The ejector can also be watched. I have done this hundreds of times and have never had a problem.
  16. OldFlick


    Why would you want a cantilever when the barrels are tapped on the reciever? Shaw made barrels for Benelli years ago, now they make their own slug barrels. The new barrels have iron sights and tapped for scope. The iron sights get in the way of many scopes. The Shaw barrels(if you find one used) need a different forearm(or mod org.) as the are thicker walled. Finally if you want a new Shaw barrel you must send them a barrel which they will remove the magazine tube ring and reciever. Takes about 22 weeks. I have owned many Shaw right hand barrels and had two made in left hand. All have shot wonderful. Have also shot Benelli slug barrels and they shot almost as good. If you want Shaw to make one it will be in 24" only.
  17. Shaw barrels have thicker walls and do not have open sights.
  18. I have the extended, I only shoot 3 1/2" OO buckshot w/gun.
  19. I have one and love it. The problem is I do not know a answer to your question. They will exchange/refund so maybe you should buy both and return unwanted tube.
  20. Before I bought a rifled barrel slug gun(20 yrs ago) I tried everything w/barrels and different slugs. My results were no restriction worked best(cyl.). I also had best luck w/Active slug which, by name, are no longer made. I think they are made under a different name. My end results was I shot a 1100 with a 30 in full choke barrel(no tubes) which I had a gunsmith take the choke out. He bored the end to the barrel dia.. The gun would shoot under 5" five shot 100 yds. as long as bore was clean. If the gun was at all dirty it would spit all over. Wad material would build quick.
  21. I have tried pattern master on 3 Brownings, 4 SBE II's and 2 Extrema's and found about half shot better than any other chokes, the other half were bad. They have a good return policy, try them and return them is results suck. I have a pile of chokes for my SBE II, incl. custom made, and I am using a Pattern Master.
  22. I have the same handgun and have a Fastfire mounted. I have had no problems.
  23. A 3 1/2" 12 ga. has a higher pressure limit than 3". It will "carry longer" IF round is loaded to the higher pressure.
  24. Someone, in another post, stated they plan on acc.(such as slug barrel) in future. He did not know what they would come up with(left hand, slug barrel, etc).
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