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  1. Intrested in the fix there Goose?
  2. same stuff I bought a can of the Win BF. It is alot cheaper than the BF yellow and black.
  3. Black goes w/ anything. It dosen't seem to age like camo patterns. Think back to the advantage patterns on mossbergs and franchi.
  4. They did better than the xpert on paper. Not the reason yet our season hasn't started back yet and the swamp is a little dry:(
  5. Look down a couple post to see my patternmaster post. I have the ext and have shoot skeet and done some patterning with xpert and hevi metal but not any birds yet
  6. Make a few more posts to post a pic. Mine has a little play in it as well the new ones on the shelf are snug.
  7. I just got a patternmaster ext from a member here.Look forward to trying it out and putting up some reviews. I want to give a word of praise to what a stand up guy michaelap is when it came to selling his item on here. Good commutation and item as described. Thanks again michaelap Great Seller!!!! and may your ducks be plentiful.
  8. Put them in an album on this site and post more.
  9. Welcome to the board and congrats on your purchase.Try Here www.retrievertraining.net on the classified fourm there is a guy called kjrice has a listing for chokes and cycler for SBE.
  10. I have a few bang arounds RNT quackhead quack stacker,Zink PowerClucker goose call, and a handmade single reed call from a local call maker. I plan on buying a few new ones to try out like the duckcommander duckpicker and wood duck call. Our woodies don't seem to decoy and calling might not work.
  11. Never heard of front and rear sights for waterfowl. Deer,Turkey Yes. I saw some by truglo and something called a firering in cabelas.
  12. To be honest I didn't look at the date just tried to respond w/ help for the poor soul:rolleyes:.lol
  13. Wonder what the verdit was on this old post after sending it back for ejecting the unfired shells?
  14. Depends on how much shooting and how you take care of your guns. I like to take it apart and clean the barrel and wipe the bolt, wipe out all fouling from the inside of the receiver with a good CLP like Breakfree.Put it back together and put a good rust preventive on the outside like Corrosion X or Break Free CLP and lube the bolt rails lightly. Good to go I do this every outing and at the end of the season I will clean the bolt and plunger unless I get it wet then it all gets cleaned and dried out.Tucker had a good post on cleaning the SBEII I'll try to find it and post it.It's what I have an
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