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SBE2 Jamming?


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This last Saturday was my 3rd day hunting with my new SBE2. My first day out, I had trouble cycling 2 3/4" shells which I read may be a problem the first few boxes you shoot. My second day out I shot 2 boxes of 3.5" and a box of 3" with no issue.


This past Saturday when I went out, I shot two boxes of 3.5" with no issue before going to 3" (yes, I need more practice! :)). My gun started jamming with the 3" shells. I had two basic issues I noticed. The first was that after my first shot, it would cycle a new round into the chamber and half cycle a second which would cause a jam. The second issue I noticed was that if I cleared it and got just one round in the chamber, it would not allow me to load another round into the magazine. It acted as though I had to force it in (which I didn't).


Has anyone experienced these issues before? I'm wondering if I cleaned it wrong or if there is something specific I should be doing during cleaning. I searched the forums and it appears that I'm cleaning it correctly, swabbing the inside of the barrel as well as the chamber and bolt parts with an oilly swab after cleaning.


Searching for answers here. I thought I was buying the best and most bulletproof gun on the market, so I'm a little concerned with this jamming...

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Hey, my answer didn't appear. Geez, that was annoying.

Anyhow, the answer to your second question was because the rotating bolt head on your SBE 2, wasn't locked into position, thusly preventing your SBE 2 from receiving rounds into the magazine tube.

Try this, in a safe place. With an empty SBE 2, ease the bolt head closed, very gently. Now try and load a shotshell into the magazine. It doesn't work. :o

Now with the same empty SBE 2, allow the rotating bolt head to slam home and fully lock-up. Now try to load a shotshell into the magazine and TA-DA, it works! :D

In short, the rotating bolt head must be fully engaged and locked into battery before you can load shells into your magazine.

Also as a reminder, when shooting your SBE 2, always check that your rotating bolt head is indeed locked in battery or you will get the infamous Benelli "click", which is the firing pin dropping, but not striking the shotshell primer or as my duck hunting friends would say "^$#@?!* missed bird". (A true duck hunter never blames himself, always the gun)

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