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Hi have a new Supernova Tactical and have a tube extention on it.Want to know whats the right sling for the gun and what shell carrier works on it and what light will work on it .Are there any shorter stocks for it?Thanks Sprman:D

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Im sure there are several slings out there which will work on this gun....some good and some not so good. I personally use the following sling from Urban E.R.T. Its a nice sling. This works for me as I like the ability to use the sling in a 1 point configuration. Ive also seen bungee slings which seem interesting. One thing that frustrates me about the SNT is its "limited" sling attatchment options.




In terms of ammo sidesaddles...look at the Mesa Tactical SureShell carriers (4 shell carriers work best for the SNT) or possibly TacStar carriers. Do some research here as they both have some differences and come with their own set of potential issues. Of course, you might also consider just using a stock mounted fabric-type carrier.


In terms of a light, most seem to like the Insight or Surefire lights. Im sure there are several ways in which to mount such a light. I just mount my Insight m3x tactical light to a rail-equipped barrel/tube clamp. Ive seen others use mounts which are located between the fore-end and tube nut. But, I havent seen such a mount for the SNT as of yet. Most of these type mounts seem to favor the "M" series Benellis (possibly..not sure), Remington 870s and Mossberg 500 series. Also, Ive seen clamps which will attach to a mag tube extension only, but I havent tried one out nor can I remember who makes them.


For the shorter stock, Im not sure about this one. Im using the Benelli Suregrip pistol grip stock and find that it "fits" me a bit better than the Comfortech stock. So, I havent really been interested in doing too much research in this area. From what Ive seen, finding a stock for the SNT, other than those offered from Benelli (2 or 3), will be very difficult... if not impossible. I could be wrong here, but I certainly believe that finding one will not be nearly as easy as it could or should be.

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