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SBE ll Slug/bird combo


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Hello folks,

I'm planning on getting a new SBEll slug w/ an extra barrel for birds. As the scope is mounted to the barrel extension, I'm hoping that I can swap out barrels and not lose zero. I have been told, however, that although the scope/recervier is fixed to the barrel, I still will have to resight in the gun.

Any one have thoughts on this or experience that says otherwise?



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if you are shooting less than 125 yds try Lightflield slugs, if longer I have had great success with Federal/Barnes slugs out to 200 yds.


Thanks for the info Oldflick,

What kind of groups are you able to get at 100,150 or 200 yards?

Given the times, I'm trying to simplify my gun safe/inventory and combine as much as possible i.e. slug/duck gun, 257R deer/varmints…hence my interest in the SBE ll. In your opinion how would it match up to fixed barreled 870 or the Deer-Slayer ll (also fixed barreled)



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With the Lightfields(100yrds) a 5 shot group is very seldom over 2 1/2", usually around 2". I have not shot Lighfields over that at range but have shot deer to 160yrds. After 125 the drop is hard to adjust for in a hurry. The Barnes bullets are usually l00 yrds, 5 shots under 2" with more flyers than Lightfield. My range does not allow slug shooting over 100 yrds. I have had good hits on about five deer 150 to 200 yrs w/Barnes. I shoot the Barnes zeroed @170, aim low to 125 and aim direct to 200. I have not played w/guns you mentioned but the 1 in 28" twist is a must in my opinion. My SBE slug barrels are E R Shaw which are thicker than the modern Benelli barrel but I have shot new barrels w/good results. I had E R Shaw make mine in left hand and they do not have rifle sights to get in the way is why I have them.

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