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Loading a Montefeltro?


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Im having problems loading my Montefeltro.


Say I've just shot 2 rounds, and I want to top off the magazine.


Well..I can't. I press the button on the side of the receiver to unlock the flap on the bottom of the reciver, but it doesn't go down far enough to allow me to stick a shell in. The shell only goes in about 3/4 of the way and gets stuck because the flap is binding the whole thing up. To get more shells in, I have to pull the lever back halfway, and hold it there while I load the shells.


Another thing. Every so often, I'll go to fire and the gun just clicks. Doesn't even so much as dent the primer. I hear this has to do with the way you load the gun?


Is this gun supposed to be such a pain in the ass, or is there something Im overlooking here?

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