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new M2 owner review lengthy sorry.


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Great gun, lot better than my old 1187. So easy to clean! and fits better. Had the 1187 for 8yrs and started having problem even after some new parts. It did kick less but the fit was horrible now that the sholder isagging like the rest of me but that is a different story.


1) I'm 6'4 270. Patterned the gun with 3" 1 1/8oz bb steel. No comfortech, no limbsaver. wood stock. I did notice the muzzle jump but the kick is not bad considering. shot 10 shells no shoulder pain some face slap but all was better that expected. Bunch less than mossburg 835 with same shell. Med weight flannel shirt.


2) 1 round of skeet shooting off shoulder, winchester 8s, 3 dram, 1 1/8 field loads, very tolerable. cycled no problems at all. No sholder pain, minor face slap.


3) I have shot 10 3" bismuth, 5 hevisteel 2 3/4, 10 of the 3" BB as the break in, then tried some 2 3/4",2 3/4 dram #9 reloads and cycled no problem at all. I was very impressed. For shooting skeet the reloads are the way to go. Could not believe it cycled.


4) I thaught the shims were a gimmick but started with the c/sx (lefty) using a hiviz sight, shot 8" low, changed to a/sx shot 2" low, put in z s/x and was on the money.


The main thing is take the time and pattern it, start with straight aim like a rifle to get the pattern centered. Then close eyes for the next pattern, shoulder, OPEN EYES shoot as fast as you can to see where the shot is actually hitting during a off shoulder mount. I could not hit the broad side of a barn this year and this new gun and patterned it seems to make a difference.


Hope this helps.

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