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Adjusting sights on a Nova


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I have a Nova with a 28" barrel and recently bought one of those laser boresighters to check the sighting on my guns. I put the boresighter into a Mossberg I own and found it to be spot on when I lined up over the sights. But when I loaded it into the Nova, it appeared that the sighting was off quite a bit - nearly 9 inches (up and to the right) at a distance of no more than 50 yards. Not sure what to do here. Can I radjust the sights? Should I buy one of those after-market replacement front sights and line it up differently than the factory sight? Should I just replace the whole barrel? I'm no gun expert, and any advice would really be appreciated.

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You should take that one back and get one that bore sights correctly.

You should take the bore sighter to the gun shop with you.

That's what I do when I want a straight shooting shotgun. Sometimes the dealer will have to bring 6 or 7 bad ones out before we get a good one.

Good dealers will respect your knowledge and want to please you.

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That's a good idea, though I can't really bring the gun back to the gun shop because I've been hunting with it for a few years. I could still use this approach when I go in to buy a new barrel, I guess, and just tell them that I want to fit the new barrel to the gun and test it with the bore sighter before I'll buy it. It sounds like I'll have to find a shop that carries a decent inventory of Benelli replacement barrels.

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