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Hello, I just bought one as well. The dealer had the 20 inch 30-06 in stock, which I got along with a Zeiss 3 x 9 diavari (sp?) scope, and millett rings. I do not like the weaver type rail that was included with the gun but I now hear that browning BAR mounts will fit it? I plan to change after the season. How it shoots? I have not reloaded for the gun but have shot Remington 150 and 165 corelocks, Winchester 150 and 168 grain ballistic tips, and 150 grain failsafes. Right now I am still experimenting and cannot give an absolute number for group size at 100 yds, however it did work as advertized on a small (130 lb) whitetail in November at 45 yds. I like the gun, it handles well, works every pull of the trigger, and I like the fact it can be dissassembled to clean the barrel from the breach. This is why I never purchased a BAR, as I hate having to worry about ruining barrels by cleaning from the muzzle. In principle it is a very well thought out firearm, well suited to my primary sport. I think it even has a chrome lined chamber!! If it proves to be as accurate as my hunting pals 30-06 BAR, Benelli will have hit another home run! I have 3 of their hunting firearms at this time!! At any rate I am going to change out the bases, rings in January and will have more to report. Jimmyp50

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