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Benelli Nove Tech,questions.


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Hi folks .newbie here. Bought my first Benelli a couple days ago. It wont be my last.Haven't even shot it yet ,but I love it. Its the Nova 20 ga, camo for turkey hunting. Im trying to find a saddle mount ,but keep striking out.:(Which brings me to my questions.Is the spacing (front to rear)of the 2 pins that hold the trigger group in, the same on the 12 ga.as the 20 ga.? My thought are that if they are the same maybe I can use a 12 ga, mount with shims between the receiver and mount. The other possibility is drill and tap the receiver for a Weaver mount. Can this be done? Has any one D& Td theirs.

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The other possibility is drill and tap the receiver for a Weaver mount.
Im not an expert in this area, but since nobody has bothered tackling your issue, Ill give it a go.


First off, I wouldnt bother trying to mount a sidesaddle to the side of the receiver as Ive heard that, if you dont get it right, you could run into all sorts of reliability issues. Plus, I just dont trust this kind of setup.


Personally, Id spend the extra cash and have a competent gunsmith drill/tap the top of the receiver. Sure, you could still run into some problems. But, I feel that top-mounted carriers afford greater overall reliability/security vs those mounted to the side of the weapon, IMHO.

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