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SN rifle sight problem/dilemma


What to do?  

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  1. 1. What to do?

    • Get replacement RS, leave rest of gun as is
    • Get replacment RS, remove dot and rail
    • Remove dot and rail, have a smith add new sights (tritium, fiber optic, etc)
    • Sell the gun, perhaps along with an 1100 to get an M2 w/21"
    • do nothing

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First post here though I've been through here a decent amount. I need some input on my situation. I have a SN with rifle sights and the steady grip stock. I purchased the gun when it was a relatively new deal and was hard to find. The only online dealer at the time with any only had the rs though i wanted grs. being impatient i just ordered it. love the gun, its been great and so much fun that ive taken it hunting successfully on various game.


here's my dilemma: i never liked the rifle sights as they sucked in dim settings. I had a smith install a rail on which i put a red dot. During use with the dot installed, my rear rifle sight came loose and disappeared. Not a big deal at the time since i had the dot. Now ive decided that the dot is a bit high on the gun and would be a hindrance in an hd situation fumbling around with it.


Ive contacted benelli cs about a replacement sight, but I'd like to have dif sights all together. I'm not sure what I should do so here are the possibilities (I'd like to not have to sink too much $ into this. Lemme know what you think, Thanks


Edit: Do you think the addition of the rail negatively effects the value of the gun. What is a realistic value of the gun?

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I voted for the second option. Frankly, I have never seen the need for a red dot on a shotty (for a rifle, maybe). This goes double if you are considering this for HD use. I personally prefer ghost ring sights (like mounted on my SN tactical) as I feel they offer great versatility. But, in your case, going with GR sights would be quite expensive. Therefore, I say just lose the rail and RD sight and go with the original setup.


BTW- The SN is a good shotgun. I would not recommend getting rid of it even though you have obviously encountered a few issues. Keep in mind...man is fallible; therefore, anything made by man falls within this category. Get the replacement sight, lose the unnecessary add-ons and enjoy your shotgun.

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