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M2 functional question


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Ok, I just brought my new M2 home about an hour ago. I assembled it per the manual. Keep in mind, I have never owned a Benelli or any other semi automatic shotgun for that matter. When I pull the bolt handle to the rear all the way, is the bolt supposed to lock back? My bolt will not stay to the rear unless I press up on the cartridge drop lever that is located near the front of the trigger guard. I can then press the slide release button and the bolt slams home. My question is, is this normal for the M2. I know it is a stupid question, but I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

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No, the only waiting period in North Carolina is for handgun purchases. The only thing they do when you purchase a long gun is run your name through a national computer system to make sure you aren't wanted or your name isn't flagged some how. Thanks for the reply, I finally sat down and read the entire instruction manual and figured out the function of everything.

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