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what do i need to know about my new m2


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just bought my brand new left hand m2 28in barrel max4. only shot it once because of time issues. but my questions are. firstly do i need to clean it before i use it again (i did not clean it when i got it). second how does it shoot using a rifeled slug and what type of slug would you recomend for a 115lbs 14yr like me. third any thing that i need to get or should get that would enhance my experience and the shootability of my gun. lastly is there any thing else i should know.

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Glad to see the youth of America becoming Riflemen again.


First off - Cleaning the weapon after every time you shoot it is a good ritual, it lets you check for any problems prior to the next trip out. (Really sucks if something was wrong, broke firing pin, and you could of dealt with it prior to going out) The weapon can always stand being cleaned and lubricated.


Slugs - A low recoil rifled slug like the Winchester 00 will be much more caring on your shoulder and real effective within a hundred yards, even better at the 50 / 75 mark.


Lastly, buy ammo and enjoy it but remember "Practice doesn't make Perfect - Perfect Practice makes Perfect"



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