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Benelli Nova Questions


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I am After a new turkey gun, I found a Nova with a 24" barrel for a very reasonable price. I was wonedering if any of you have ever shot the slug barrel? is it vey accurate? that is a major reasoning to get a new shot gun is so i can get two barrels and use the slug gun for a brush gun, any info would be great, good or bad. jshull

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the nova is the best choice for slug and brush not to mention turkey, i shot my new nova using the slug barrel about a month ago and man was it sweet. i was drilling the kill zone @ 150yrds with authority, the only slipup was that it jammed on the tenth shot because i was using brenneke rotweil blitz slugs and they had to short of casing for the gun, from now on all i shoot through the slug barrel is federal premium. good luck on the gun hunt

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