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Nova barrels cost as much as a new nova...


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I've had my Nova for about 8 years now and wanted to change out barrels...but I can buy a new Nova for just a touch more than the replacement barrels (over $300). Anyone have a place that sells barrels for what they should?



Unfortunately, thats the nature of the Benelli beast. Dont feel too bad; a replacement barrel for my SNT (w/GR sights) runs $420. :eek: I believe that these barrels are so high for various reasons; a) seeing as how they are imported, any local reseller is going to have to make up various costs in acquiring these barrels in the first place, b) supply vs demand...in this case, the demand does not necessitate a large supply and thus, resellers probably see no benefit in lowering the price and c) with the chrome lined bore and IMHO, a much higher quality barrel when compared to most, the already high cost (overhead) will become that much greater.


Its ridiculous, I know...Thats why I went out and bought a Mossberg 590 (leaving the Benelli for occasional use only), just so I could easily afford to replace parts as needed. Now, the Mossy is no SNT, but I didnt expect it to be. I wanted a daily use/HD shotty that I could "beat up" and not be so concerned about. So, I felt inclined to go lower quality just so I could possibly save some $$$ down the road.


If I had the funds to own several of these Benelli beasts, I wouldnt think twice about replacement costs. But, since I havent found money growing on any nearby trees, well.....


So, I guess my advice would be to either use your current setup for general use and buy another Benelli for occasional use (Id strongly recommend you go with a SuperNova this time around) or buy a somewhat cheaper, albeit less quality, shotgun for general wear/tear duty and possibly store the Benelli.

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