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HELP about patterning results


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hello all, i patterned by supernova today with 3 1/2" rem high velocity...i shot from 25 30 35 40 45 and 50. every time the real center of my pattern was about 3-5 inches left and a little low of where i was aiming. i used my jelly head choke as well as the factory full choke (same results) thinking it was the ammo i tried with a 2 3/4 remington load and a 3" magnun rem load. still the same left everytime. The pattern is awesome its just not where it should be. my gun does not have a rear right, just the front red dot and bead in the middle. Im wondering what to do (new ammo, new choke, etc)?


Also, how should i clean my jellyhead choke, with a brass brush like the barell?



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