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Considering 16 gauge Purchase!! Help Needed!!


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Before I get blasted, I will state that I do own a M1 12 gauge that I love. I would rather have a 16 gauge Benelli but considering that point mute, I will have to buy elsewhere. Does anyone currently shoot a 870 Wingmaster in 16 gauge? I am considering one. Every gun that I currently has is an autoloader but I might as well be different with a 16 gauge. Any help appreciated. [email protected]

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Stacy if you don't mind shooting a pump go with the Ithaca pump 16 gauge, you can get it in the featherlight at 6 1/4 pounds steel receiver or the Ultra Featherlight Aluminum receiver at 5 1/2 pounds. Excellent gun.


Go to www.ithacagun.com


Ask them to send you a catalog not all the guns are listed on the website, don't ask me why.


They are not cheap but if you shop around you can find one for the same price as an 870 wingmaster.


The Ithaca action is so smooth unlike any other pump you have ever seen.


I shoot a 16-gauge Ithaca and a 12 ga 870 wingmaster both quality guns the Ithaca has a smoother action by far.


The biggest problem with the 870 16 ga is that it is built on a 12 ga frame so it is as heavy as a 12 ga.


Good luck

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