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  1. I need help adding to the length of pull to a benelli M1 12ga. I would prefer to put in a plastic spacer between the stock and kick pad. Does anyone make something like that? Ideas would be great. I know I could get a limb saver that pulls over the stock but I don’t want to add that much weight. I am 6’ 4” with long arms so I am thinking I would like to ad an inch. I am open to ideas and to comments on how much added length would be ideal for someone 6’ 4” I have not used any of the shims that came with the gun, but I think they are more for changing point of aim th
  2. If you are going to shoot BB you don't need the really fast stuff go for payload. If shooting 1 shot or smaller faster helps. I would try different load of 1 shot other than kent. I shoot federal 1 shot steel at 1450 through mod for geese 3 inch 1.25. If I had 3.5 I would try the 1 3/8 load at 1550 over 1450 many guns do not like to pattern well. good luck
  3. If shooting BB 1300 to 1400 is fast enough get the largest payload you can. Speed is over rated drop one or two shot size from lead and go with the largest payload you can. If BB or larger speed does not really matter. If smaller that BB go with the 1550 or 1400-1450 with largest payload you can get. It is hard to get good patterns with loads faster than 1450 and you often give up payload. My goose load 1 shot at 1400-1450 with 1.25 oz of shot. Mod choke For ducks same load with 2 or 3 shot with IC or Mod.
  4. mod choke, don't go tighter. I would use heavy 4 shot. Have fun
  5. You can buy a M1 12ga for $750 while they last. If not the M1 I would go with the browning gold or the franchi 912. good luck
  6. fattire75

    I-12 or M2

    **** you can buy a M1 for $750 now. Buy one before they are all gone. Good luck. The Franchi I-12 is a new gun. I would not want to be a guinea pig
  7. If you only hunt waterfowl get the 3.5 inch the 1 3/8 load of 2 or 3 at 1550 speed is a killer load on ducks. The same load of 1 or 2 is great on small geese. Large geese go with 1 9/16 load of BB at 1300 or the above listed load in 1 shot. With BB or bigger you don’t need the speed. Good luck I hunt over small ponds for ducks and corn fields for geese. I hunt mostly upland so only have a 3 inch gun. But if I hunted over big water or primarily waterfowl I would buy a 3.5 inch gun. I shoot 1 ¼ of 3 shot for ducks and 1 or 2 shot in the same load for large geese. Velo
  8. fattire75

    M1 or M2

    Get the M1 and save your money. The only difference between the two guns is the comfort fit stock and I don't know if the tack comes with it. A stainless steel recoil spring instead of a steel one, which is only a little helpful if you hunt the gun in tough conditions, but if your gun gets that wet you should clean the spring anyway. Also the chrio barrel and chokes which I have heard don't make that big of a difference. Go with the M1. For home defense you might consider an 870 pump but if you want an auto go with the benelli. Good luck 750 is a fair price. [ 08-26-200
  9. You are better off slowing the shot down and shooting bigger shot size. With 3.5 inch go with. Go with 1 3/8 of 2 or 3 shot at 1450 to 1350 or 1 5/8 at 1350 of 2 or 3 shot. Both the above loads will kill ducks to 40 yards if you think most of your shots will be at 30 to 40 shoot the 2 shot. If closer shoot the 3 shot 25 to 40 yards IC, inside 30 C, past 40 go with mod. 4 steel is only good on small ducks at close range, 30 or less regardless of speed. For geese over land 1 shot in the same load works with IC or Mod, over water I shoot BB with Mod. If hunting ove
  10. Went out this weekend and put 100 rounds through it and had no problems. I think it was operator error. I was not letting the bolt slam shut. I have had no problems with it cycling 1 1/8 loads. If you missed my original thread, I was having problems with the gun not firing when loaded one at a time. I was not letting the bolt slam shut and thus was getting the “Benelli click”. I never did have a cycling problems or firing problems when shooting multiples. I did have a lot of no fires when shooting one at a time. Question for you all? On my gun if the bolt is eased down
  11. Thanks guys. Is it hard to take apart the reciol spring in the stock and put back together? Thanks. [ 08-16-2005, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: fattire75 ]
  12. Bought a new Benelli M1 12 ga. I am having a problem with it not firing. I was shooting trap. When I load it one at a time. The magazine is open I place a shell in and press the button. Zip it closes. I shot 100 rounds on 15 occasions the gun would not fire the firing pin would click but no bang. The primer would have no dimple at all. I could reload the gun with the shell and it would fire. I was shooting federal 1 1/8 game loads with a speed of 1255. My dealer would not take it back but wanted me to send it in to Benelli. Any suggestion on what might have been ha
  13. I have the choke measurements for the benelli M1 12 ga chokes, What is the bore diameter with out the choke? Is it 720, 730, or something else? Thanks The choke diameters are F .688 IM .695 M .704 IC .714 C . 734
  14. Best pad for a 12 ga M1?
  15. When you buy a Benelli M2 does it come with both the 14 Lop and 14 3/8 lob gel pads? Also will the M2 gel pads fit on a M1? Thanks
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