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truglo or burris red dot?

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I'm about to buy a SBEII and am trying to decide which red dot to put on it. I am basically trying to decide between the burris speed dot and the truglo gobble stopper. Unfortunately, I will have to order whichever one I decide. what are the differences with these two? Is the burris worth the extra $100? Any recommendations?

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I have a Gobble Stopper on mine and am very happy with it. It is lightweight, and I can still see under it to my fiber-optics. It is also cool to be able to change between red and green reticles. The green is nice when the light is low and the sun hasn't come all the way up yet. The intensity can be changed to a point that the reticle is transparent and you can actually see the bird through it. Another neat feature is the spare battery holder on top of the turret. You always have a spare within reach in case you get into a jam.

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