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SBE patterning notes


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Had 4 boxes of Kent 3" #1's in both 1 1/4 oz. and 1 1/8 oz. left over from goose season and thought I'd test some patterns in case I use these for ducks (usually use #2's.)


With the factory modified at 40 yards I was very impressed with both loads: approx. 71% of the pellets (they were perfectly round and smooth, by the way) were consistanty in a 30" circle. At 30 yards - it was a devistating 97% pattern...


My question is: does anyone know the constriction of the regular modified ("3 notcher") factory choke? This would help me compare measurements to those of the aftermarket chokes. And what are these new Crion chokes from Benelli? My patterns at 50 yards were not horrible (around 50%) but could be a lot better...


How about the trade off for the 1/8 oz. of shot for an increased velocity? In this case about 15 pellets for 110 more FPS. I think I'll always try to buy the 1 1/4 oz. to sacrifice a bit of speed for a more fuller pattern...


Did not have the Federal lead 2 3/4" #5's 1 1/4 oz. that I use for roosters with me to pattern - but always use the same choke for that as well.


Interested in any comments you might have,


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Good information. Thanks for sharing it!

I shoot 3" Kent Fasteel 3's and 4's on ducks and 1's or BB's on geese.


I'd rather have the speed than the extra shot, as most of my shots are going to be on passing birds, and some will be divers.

When the puddlers do helicopter in, a few extra shot is no more important than the speed.


Benelli introduced the crio barrels and chokes with the SBEII.

The barrels and tubes are cold treated to make for a more compact molecular bond in the steel, thus making for harder and smoother surfaces.

The crio tubes are longer than the mobile style as well.

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