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Which Model Best for Lefty


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I am right handed , but shoot left. I will shoot clays most of the year, and hunt phesant and turkey a couple times in the fall.


Which model would best suit my purposes? I looked at the Cordoba, but $550 more than the M2 seemed like a lot for a ported barrel and extended chokes. Plus it still would be a right handed gun. Do the extended chokes & porting make that much of a difference?


Could one be successful and competitive shooting clays with the M2?


All replys would be appreciated. Thanks

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I shoot a lot of clays with my M2 and it does really well. Now its no fine trap/skeet O/U but I've never really cared for O/Us either. The M2 will do its job if you do your job and use it correctly, I'm a firm believer of the idea that the human is the single most important part of the effectiveness of a shotgun.


I dont know that the porting or the extended choke tubes on the cordoba will make much of a difference...that and the M2's crio chokes are already pretty long so I think you are really looking at the ports as the main difference.

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