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WTT My M4 for your M2+cash.

No F-Bdy Bs

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I have 2 M4s, which is 1 more than I need.

I am looking for something that is a tad more 3-gun friendly and I would like to trade this one for a M2 field. Preferably with the 21in BBL and as few mods as possible. would like one with the 21in bbl, but will consider an 18in model if the deal is right. Sight configuration is not important.

Here is my M4. It is a 11707 model. It has the Benelli supplied Modified Choke and a Daves Metal works full length tube.It also includes a Gear Sector Sling.

It has about 500 rounds through it, and has been used in a few local 3-gun matches. It has a few slight rub marks, but overall, the gun is perfect. As you might imagine, it runs flawless and has eaten everything I have fed it.

Other than the mag tube, the gun is totally stock. I have all the original Benelli booklets and info that came with it.

As to the trade, I would like to trade my M4 for your M2 and $600, OBO.

I will ship Fedex Express overnight at my cost.

I dont need any other trades, dont bother. I need a M2 and some cash.


Ill be glad to do a FTF and travel up to 100mi.

I am located in Shreveport, La.

If you want a picture of a specific part, just let me know.



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Interested in an out-right sale?


Perhaps, at this point im only willing to do a FTF deal. Maybe in a week, if I havent located a trade+cash deal, Ill consider an outright sale and ship to your FFL.



For now, I really want to locate a M2 before I let this one go, as its my main 3-gun shotgun, and I am NOT going back to a pump in the meantime.

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