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  1. I know a few people have been looking for a M2 field. I sold one of my M4s this week, and decided to pick up a M2 to replace it with. Got my FFL guy (a benelli dealer) to order me one, and he said that there are about 20 avalible. Just a FYI
  2. I think that so many shooters get hung up on "MUST HAVE PISTOL GRIP!, OMG, its a Tacticool Shotgun!!" Without ever having taken one single tactical shotgun course, or shooting in a 3-gun match. A PG stock feels GREAT!,,,,,,,,,,,,,in your living room. Though, look at the worlds top 3-gun and tactical shooters. Nearly all of them run field stocks, and there is a reason for that. A PG stock was invented for one purpose. To keep your shotgun aimed in the threat direction while you used you other hand for something else, like opening a door. Thats it. It evolved into turkey guns. Unless you are a door-kicker(which your most likely are not) a PG stock will probably slow you down. Dont think that a field stock takes anything away from your tactical shotgun. Im not saying its the best for everyone, but at least give a field stock a try. No, not shooting beer cans in your buddies pasture, but in a real shotgun class. Give yourself and your gun a real workout with both configurations, and I bet that you will be running back to a field stock.
  3. Anyone swapped out the Ghost Ring setup on your M4? While great if im shooting slugs at 100yds, its a really slow setup for 3-gun shooting. Id like to change it out for something as simple as a fiber stick, or perhaps, a XS setup. Anyone else done this??
  4. Lol, you dont want to pay what Id ask. The last 2 I saw go went like this. Guy traded even up, his collapsable Tele-stock, for the field one the other sold his for $400.
  5. Good luck finding a source for a field stock. 3-gunners sucked the supply dry about 2 years ago, and from what I understand, they are no longer being made. I got mine about 2 years ago from Acmesports.com. However, they seem to have gone belly up. You will have a better chance finding a Tele-stock for $100. The standard PG stocks are dime a dozen. People always think that PG stocks are the way to go, until you actually use them in real world shooting. Look at the worlds top 3-gunners, nearly all field stocks.
  6. You are quite right, sir. I copied and pasted the ad from when I was selling my other M4......... 3 years ago. Anyhow, thanks, price has been updated to $1200
  7. EDIT: Price update, sorry for the confusion. I have a very nice Benelli M4 with the M4 LE markings that I am wanting to sell or trade. . My benelli has about 700rds through it, and has a small scuff marks, but nothing that wont wipe off. I have used it in a few local 3-gun matches. It has the full length mag tube, the field stock, and a Gear Sector sling.Also has the factory Benelli choke system, and comes with a Modified choke. It originally came with the factory collapsable PG stock, but I have since sold it. I repeat, it does NOT come with the collapsable stock, but will accept one. I have all the factory literature and the Benelli box it came in. As far as trade, I am looking for a Benelli M2, and a m2 ONLY! I am looking for one with a 21in BBL, perferably the field model, with the comforttech stock. I would like $1200, or your M2 and $200 for my M4 in trade. The only reason I am selling this gun is to fund an M2. I just need something that is more of a 3-gun shotgun, that I can also use for hunting.
  8. It does include a longer spring. However, bear in mind, that your the M4 only uses 1 spring, regardless of mag tube length. That in mind, the spring that is currently in your M4 will work fine with the extension. I have been running the stock spring with my DMW tube and it cycles fine.
  9. I cant see a need for anything past the factory setup. Actually, id be content with a bead.
  10. The price is fair. There are people that have sold just the stock and have nearly paid for the entire gun invenstment. A M4 with a col stock is one of the hottest guns on the planet right now.
  11. What would you like to see for the M4 that would assist in getting your M4 in the good with 922r?? I was one of the lucky few to grow up with a father that owned 2 machine shops,also, my father is a very skilled, old school, Tool & Die maker. He has since retired, and sold both of his shops. However, we have a 1800sq ft shop between us. It is set up with the usual. Mills, grinders, lathes, ect, and all the support equp to back them up. I have moderate skill as regards to the trade, but ZERO creative sense. Between the both of us, we stay pretty busy with all our personal projects. Firearms, tractors, quads, cars, ect. However, I feel like I need to "contribute". I would really like to put out something that, while simple, could really help my friends here. Something relatively small, and simple to produce. also, a few extra $$ never hurts. What would you most like to see invented for your M4?? Mag follower? Something inside the trigger group?? Bear in mind that we dont have mass production, nor any CAD equip.
  12. LOL, I just responded to the other post. It really has me stumped as I have replaced 2 col stocks with field stocks on M4s. I cant imagine what the problem is. If he was able to remove one stock, putthing the other on should not have been an issue. Not sure where else to go with this one. Obviously, it IS a M4 field stock, but ALL M4s, regardless of model, should be able to accept the field stock. Righty tighty, lefty loosey?
  13. I dont know what to tell you. Instaling the field stock is the exact opposite of removal of the other stock. If it does not go on that easy, id be willing to bet that its is NOT a M4 stock.
  14. Perhaps, at this point im only willing to do a FTF deal. Maybe in a week, if I havent located a trade+cash deal, Ill consider an outright sale and ship to your FFL. For now, I really want to locate a M2 before I let this one go, as its my main 3-gun shotgun, and I am NOT going back to a pump in the meantime.
  15. I have 2 M4s, which is 1 more than I need. I am looking for something that is a tad more 3-gun friendly and I would like to trade this one for a M2 field. Preferably with the 21in BBL and as few mods as possible. would like one with the 21in bbl, but will consider an 18in model if the deal is right. Sight configuration is not important. Here is my M4. It is a 11707 model. It has the Benelli supplied Modified Choke and a Daves Metal works full length tube.It also includes a Gear Sector Sling. It has about 500 rounds through it, and has been used in a few local 3-gun matches. It has a few slight rub marks, but overall, the gun is perfect. As you might imagine, it runs flawless and has eaten everything I have fed it. Other than the mag tube, the gun is totally stock. I have all the original Benelli booklets and info that came with it. As to the trade, I would like to trade my M4 for your M2 and $600, OBO. I will ship Fedex Express overnight at my cost. I dont need any other trades, dont bother. I need a M2 and some cash. Ill be glad to do a FTF and travel up to 100mi. I am located in Shreveport, La. If you want a picture of a specific part, just let me know.
  16. M4,field stock,w/24in BBL and 9+1+1 Capicity FTW!
  17. I know my M4 is spooky accurate at 100yds with slugs. Mine came with the modified choke, and I have used it crow hunting a few times, it does as well as any shotgun I have used for this. It would be as good as any semi for hunting, pending you have the model which can swap chokes. Though, im not much of a hunter anymore and this is the only experience I have hunting w/mine.
  18. Its no big deal. here is how you fix it: Turn the stock clockwise. Seriously though, its not that big of a deal. My 11707 came like that. 4 seconds later, I fixed it.
  19. Complete BS by the OP for NOT trying to contact you first. BUT taking the time to make pictures, and post them up on the internet. In the time that took, he could have contacted you, and had the issue resolved. For the record, I have 2 of your products, and they are flawless. As the son of a machine shop owner, I can attest, that sometimes, **** happens. If the MFG (you) are willing to make it good, I cant see a reason to *****. Some people live a sheltered life, and the first little speedbump they come across causes them a ton of grief.
  20. DMW extended tube, run the stock spring. Field stock sight inserts Gear Sector sling. No funky rails, lasers, red dots, ect. KISS Here is my M4 at the last 3-gun match
  21. M2 is a little lighter, tracks better. I can get it in a 21in length. Recoil system is less complicated. Also, the M4s ghost sights arent exactly fast for 3-gun work.
  22. Dont get me wrong, I dont think that the m2 is a "better" gun. But it is a bit lighter, and I can pick one up in 21in length, which would be better for shoots.
  23. 3-gun is competition shooting which incoperated 3 different firearms. Pistol Rifle Shotgun
  24. I have owned a M1, and M2 in the past. Both were perfect guns. I now have 2 M4s. One is a EVIL 11707 SBS with the tele-stock, the other, is a 11707, but I replaced the tele-stock with a field stock and use it as my 3-gun shotgun. I have been considering selling the M4, and picking up another M2. Mostly for 3-gun work. FOr what I do with it, I figure I would be better off with the M2. Id want to get a 21in model with a field stock. Also, I figure I can get about $1500 for my M4 like it sits, and can probably pick up an M2 for about $1200. Though, the M4 will probably only go up in value. I wont use either for HD, and I have always liked the extra simplicity of the M2. Dont get me wrong, NEITHER of my M4s have EVER choked, not one single time. I just consider the M4 more of a "combat" shotgun, and the M2 more of a 3-gun shotgun. Thoughts? Stay with the M4, or go back to the m2.
  25. Money is NOT the issue. Its common sense. If you can tell me one single thing that a Titanium tube does better than an alum one on an M4, id like to hear it. Its not a wear item,its not under stress and its not a moving part. All it has to do is contain the shells, and not corode. Thats it. However, feel free to pay $200 for what I paid $60 for. The economy can use all the help you can give it.
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