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  1. I hate felling ripped off. I paid $480 last June. I guess that was good then.
  2. Don't push it too hard, Jarhead. We're glad it wasn't worse.
  3. Typical Botach response (nothing) assuming he is who he says he is.
  4. I paid $469 shipped from gun broker. It's a lot better than the $6-800 they were going for. I'll be surprised if they ever show up on botach again. What pisses me off is that they filled orders that were made after mine (I ordered 6/4) without sending me my order. That's botach for you.
  5. Get them while they're hot. Botach called me this morning to tell me that they do not expect anymore in any time soon. I had to cancel my order.
  6. I guess she lied because I got an email today saying they're out of stock for 30 days.
  7. They're still in stock according to the nice "live chat" lady.
  8. Order it from Botach. They're shipping them.
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