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Carrier latch pin falls out


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I picked up my M2 from Cabela's yesterday. Since it was my first shotgun I was loading and unloading snap caps and learning how the action worked. Sharp eyes watching noticed a pin fall out just before the thing quit working. It turned out to be the carrier latch pin and required disassembly to replace. Now I know how it goes together (especially because it fell out a few minutes later). After putting it back in a few times I put a piece of tape over it and that kept it in. It didn't look so good so later on I put a small drop of super glue to hold it in place. I see in the parts book that came with it there should be a carrier latch pin retaining spring. The right hand version of this gun doesn't have the spring. I didn't see one and I don't know where to look. Anybody else run into this problem?

Joe in CT

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