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  1. Can anyone tell me if its practicable to mount a TruGlo Red Dot with a Weaver base to a Super Nova? Is the receiver thick enough to drill and tap for a Weaver rail?
  2. Probably because the spammers are constantly trying to sell A**le electronics and such.
  3. You might check out the SuperSport. A little more "dollar wise" than the others, but a great gun.
  4. As far as I can tell, 14" barrels for shotguns are illegal everywhere. The shortest legal barrel length, I believe, is 18.5".
  5. All the email says is that Benelli [developed a] … "A stronger more secure steel-to-steel lock-up system for shotguns." Not that they invented the rotating bolt head.
  6. I don't know if I will want a Vinci or not. However, I am secure enough in my masculinity that I would carry any shotgun, even if it were called … oh, I don't know … "Citori" or something like that.
  7. oldboots

    Cordoba LOP

    Assuming that the gun you handled had the standard 14" LOP that the Cordoba ships with, I believe Benelli offers an extended butt pad that will extend the LOP to 14-3/8". Beyond that I can't help. Maybe someone else can.
  8. Call Benelli's Customer Service and have them send you the retaining spring. 301-283-6981
  9. Sell the Blackberry, keep the gun.
  10. And when all that's done, periodically remove, clean and lube the new choke tube. You wouldn't want this to happen again.
  11. Anyone hunting from a blind should be wearing ear protection. Anyone shooting period should be wearing ear protection.
  12. Great idea Tucker! I had a coin operated jukebox on mine, but i was always afraid I wouldn't be able to find a nickle when the bad guys showed up.
  13. dukmann2-- I'm curious. What has Benelli CS had to say about your problems with your Super Nova?
  14. oldboots

    This forum

    Kum bi ya , my lord, kum bi ya ...
  15. Federal Black Cloud. 3" #2 or #3 depending. $26 for 25
  16. Federal Black Cloud. #2 or #3 depending. $26
  17. APG Timber stands for All Purpose Green. It is, in fact, greener than Advantage Timber.
  18. This is where it get's confusing ... the R.H. and L.H. in the manual do not refer to Right Hand and Left Hand shooters, but the direction of cast. If you use the R.H. shim it should cast to the Right. I THINK!
  19. Actually, if you read your Owner's Manual carefully (and I do mean carefully because it's very confusing), you will find that you have "cast" shims as well as "drop" shims. It's a relatively simple procedure to install the shims, so I would suggest that you try them out and see if it helps.
  20. Riding a Benelli bolt home slowly can result in the bolt not seating/locking properly, which may result in a misfire. The three lug head of the bolt needs force to lock tightly.
  21. oldboots

    bow hunting

    If I bowhunted (which I don't) I'd use a Benelli bow (which they don't make).
  22. I can't speak to possible loss from a gas operated gun, but your SBE uses the RECOIL, not the GAS. Thus there should be no difference between the SBE and an O/U, side-by-side, pump, etc.
  23. As near as I can tell, the Super Sport comes with a 28" or 30" ported barrel. it has a black carbon fiber finish and does not come in HD. You won't find the shorter barrels unless you go to the tacticals.
  24. Evolution at work! It's actually a live TURDUCHEN. You're only seeing the TUR part.
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