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  1. djc3

    SBE II LH For Sale

    How do you post pics?
  2. djc3

    SBE II LH For Sale

    Just got a new Blackberry thats not cooperating! Pics will come soon.
  3. djc3

    SBE II LH For Sale

    Job outlook is pretty bleak. If I miss the layoffs in March I'll be outsourced for 1 to 3 years. They are still negiotiating the time frame.
  4. Need to sell my Benelli SBE II. It's a left hand model, serial number U335833. 26 in. barrel, comfortech, and Advantage Timber Camo. 5 factory Crio Chokes, factory case and owners manual. Bought it new last summer and between break-in and duck season shot 8 boxes of shells thru it (duck season sucked). $1200 bucks.
  5. I bought a SBE2 this summer and shot all sorts of different ammo brands from 2 3/4 target to 3 1/2 magnum and haven't had a single problem. Keep her cleaned and oiled and you're gonna be happy.
  6. One other point, selling on their preference and trashing other makes of firearms. I had a guy tell me the Benelli was a POS and I really needed the new Winchester SX3. He completely ignored my saying I wanted a left-handed gun. He didn't get a commision from me.
  7. Benelli SBE 2 12 ga Remington/Spartan model 310 ou 12 ga Zabala sxs 20 ga Savage model 116 270cal Savage model 94 22 mag bull barrel Remington model 700 243 cal bull barrel Knight Revolution 50 cal Ruger mini 14 ranch 223 cal Beretta px4storm 40 cal S&W model 67 38 spcl Taurus Judge 3 in barrel Antiques Astra Cub 22 short Stevens Crack-Shot 22 long U.S. Springfield model 1878 And hopefully more to come!
  8. djc3


    The corn is looking good in the duck lakes, fall food plots look great also. Had a lot of rain in Missouri this year. I'm spending time annoying friends and family so they'll be glad when hunting season opens !!
  9. I'm new to Benelli and had some specific questions that couldn't be answered by the owners manual. Got on here and got my questions answered. I jump on 3 or 4 times a week to see if I can obtain some more knowledge. I'm not a expert by any means, but will help out if i can. Being old school I go by the saying, better to be thought of as an idiot than open your mouth (or write) and remove all doubt !!
  10. I bought a new Benelli SBEII LH 2 weeks ago. a friend stopped by to see it and we decided to break her down. Neither of us had owned a Benelli before. Following the owners manual it took the 2 of us 45 min. to get it apart and back together! Later I got on this forum and printed out the instructions posted by tucker301. Took her apart down to the firing pin, cleaned and lubed, and back together in 30 min. Thanks tucker301.
  11. djc3

    Max 4 question

    I sent a gun to Bell and Carlson in Dodge City KS. They did a great job. I can't post their website. Guess I'm too new.
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