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Sure Grip Issues

Birdie Britt

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I have an M2, 20 gauge with sure grip, and I've noticed it is starting to peel in places on the forearm. Anyone else have this problem or know what I can do about it???


I have found that all the sticky grip coatings will probably peel eventually. Some faster than others. The Dura Touch on my Browning Silver started peeling after 2-3 hunts. A call to Browning CS got me a big "so what". The Dura Touch on my A-Bolt has held up fine though.


You could call Benelli CS though - can't hurt :)


Which M2 comes with Dura Touch or whatever Benelli calls their version?

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My wife and I both have the M2 in 20 gauge, and both have the sure grip coating. We bought them in Nov and hunted nearly every weekend with them. Her's has held up, but mine is showing slight spots peeling. I guess I could call customer service, but I'm not sure they will or can do anything about it other than replace the forearm??? Is there a Benelli rep on the board that can answer this question?


Also, is it even worth messing with? I'm sure it will eventually peel off anyway?

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I was curious if any "eavesdropped" on the board to get a feel for customer issues.


They do. I spoke with a CS rep a few years ago and she knew my forum name.


But, I've never seen any substantial replies from CS here, especially in the past few years. It used to say in big red letter that this was not a conduit to CS, but I don't see that comment anymore.


I'd contact CS for any CS related issue, but that's just me :)

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So in your opinion, do you think it's worth pursuing? I'm not too concerned about it... peel now or ten years, so what. It doesn't effect the performance. It's just aesthetics. Other than that, I love the gun. Since getting the gun in November, I've taken everything from quail, pheasants, and ducks to snows. :)

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