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FYI: Adding accessories to an M1...


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I have an M1, 18" with pistol grip and full length extension, to which I wanted to add a 10 ounce light and mount (Surefire M3). I had the expected cycling problems, having broken the "Pick-one-of-the-three" rule (extension, light, or sidesaddle).


I took the gun down to its smallest part, cleaned and lubed it well, and replaced the stock recoil spring with a Wolf 25% heavier spring. I've now fired nearly 100 rounds of Remington high-brass 00 without a single hiccup. This includes many shots with the gun not mounted to the shoulder, every magazine load to 7+1+1, and several shots just holding the gun with one hand, which is painful.


I hope this info helps somebody out there. Remember that you have to really heat the nut on the recoil spring tube to get it off. I used a small torch. Otherwise, piece of cake. If anyone needs instructions, I can post links.

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Hey Jantonio,

I'm a lifelong shooter but Benelli noob. I just picked up the same setup. M1 tactical 18" with pistol grip stock and extension. If I add a SureFire weaponlight forend am I likely to run into cycling problems running Remington 2 3/4 00 if I stick with the stock spring?

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Hookster, I'm no expert and all I know is from the research I did on this board and other boards, but I'd say the correct answer to your question is "maybe." If you were going to shoot anything less than full-charge BS with those accessories, I'd guess "probably."


If you intend to exclusively use high-brass BS, I would change the spring. Here is a tremendous essay on the issue by "remarkable".


Well, for some reason, you have to have a post count of 5 or more to post a link on this board. So if you search "recoil spring" on this board, I think you'll find his post from April of 2006. If you can't find it, I can email you a link.


Best of luck.

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You stated that you had cycling problems with the stock spring, but when you added the 25% heavier spring from Wolf, the weapon fired without any malfunctions?

I am totally new to this (and have a new M2 so your post caught my eye), but I would have thought that the heavier spring would have created more malfunctions.


Is the Wolf spring better because it is made different than the stock Benelli spring?

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La26, I am far from an authority on this subject, but I have read that the stock spring on an M1 leaves a lot to be desired. As a matter of fact, mine was rusty and the tube was somewhat corroded, even though the gun has been stored in a humidity-controlled safe and only fired maybe 20 times.


I know nothing about the physics of inertia, or the effects of adding weight to an inertia-driven shotgun. However, there has been an awful lot written about cycling problems with Benellis and the causal effect of adding weight to these guns. It has been written that any cycling problem with a Benelli is almost always related to the recoil spring and tube.


It seems that the cure, should you want to add weight to an inertia-driven gun, MIGHT be: 1. Clean the stew out of it, including scrub the recoil spring tube with a 20 gauge brush and solvent; 2. Use the Wolf +25% spring, and ; 3. Use full-charge 2 3/4" ammunition.


This formula seems to have worked for me. That said, I understand your question about the heavier spring and do not have an answer.


The Wolf spring also was about 4" SHORTER than the stock spring.


My advice (which is worth exactly what I'm charging) is to add your accessories to the M2, fire it 30 or 40 times, and see what happens.

If you have any problems, try the heavier spring. It costs about 12 bucks and was really very easy to change. Just remember to torch the daylights out of the nut and don't get hit in the forehead with a hot spring.

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Excellent explanation- now I understand. So far, I have not had any problems with my M2 functioning. I have fired about 100 rounds- Hi base 00 buck, high base and reduced recoil slugs, and even dove loads (low base #8), with no problem. The only accessory is the factory installed +2 mag extension. I don't plan on installing a side saddle or light, so I'm hoping things continue to run smoothly. I do completely disassemble the bolt, remove the trigger assembly, and thoroughly clean and lubricate everything each time I shoot it.

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