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  1. Responded via email couple hours ago. thanks.
  2. Would somebody please tell me if this is overpriced or about right? I sure would appreciate it.
  3. What a great and helpful response. Thank you.
  4. I know you already said "your welcome", but thanks a lot. Looks exactly like what I want and I ordered one.
  5. without scratching it up? I just want to hang a light/laser TLR-2s off the tube. Any other ideas are appreciated, but I don't feel the need to spend $230 when all I want is about 4 rail segments. Thanks for any help.
  6. Perfect fit, perfect color, easy install. Thanks, Kip. ETA: Somebody suggested cleaning up the threads with CLP, rather than acetone. It worked for me. CLP, an old toothbrush, 30 seconds while still hot.
  7. That's a darned fair price, and Unobtanium is an honest seller. I have bought from him.
  8. Yep, he called me, too. I've got two on order and he shipped both today. Great seller and great guy. Thank goodness all my home invaders have come in groups of seven and not nine.
  9. Isn't that what's been said over and over? The M1/M2 are incredibly reliable UP TO THE POINT you hang too much stuff on them. The M4 is fairly impervious to weight. You can make the M1/2 run flawlessly with an extended mag and a light with heavy loads. How much stuff would anybody want to weight down a tactical shotgun with?
  10. That's a great report. The M1/M2 are tremendous tactical shotguns. In addition to an M1 and M4, I also have a Beretta 1201FP (pretty much the same as an M1) which has never failed to cycle anything. 1201's go for 400 to 500 bucks. What a deal for somebody who's cash-strapped and wants top quality.
  11. Are you stating that the G3 is a gas and piston-operated system? Are you speaking of the H&K designed G3, or civilian model91? They are roller-delayed mechanisms.
  12. BigHat, I ordered in mid-April and haven't received yet either. An update would be nice.
  13. The M1/M2 in stock form probably will cycle birdshot reliably. It is when you start adding weight, like a mag extension and extra rounds, that problems can develop. It also might be that the recoil spring in the tactical models is designed for heavier loads. (Pure supposition there, I don't know.) Maybe you can put a lighter recoil spring in the tactical models and shoot birdshot all day long.
  14. I disagree. It is not gas operated, but is gas assisted. And if you believe there is any difference in recoil, I suggest you take one of each to the range. And what other operational similarities could there be? I mean, you've got the same carrier and bolt, a recoil tube and spring, and the same style of plunger linking the carrier to the recoil spring. So the only difference is the twin gas-op pistons, right? In a true gas operated system, like the M-16, the force of the gas is directly on the carrier, and in my mind exerts a great deal more rearward force on the carrier tha
  15. "The M4 is more reliable than the M1/2 with lighter loads as a rule" True "The M4 has a metal trigger guard" Is there a reason I should care? "The M4 can be had with a collapsible stock" Yep, and it is terrific. I dearly love it without optics. "The M4 can accept accessories without choking" So can the M1/M2. Not as many as the M4, so if you just have to Rambo your shotgun out, go M4. "The M4 doesn't kick nearly as hard (follow-ups are easier, even if recoil doesnt upset you)" This, in my experience of shooting about 300 rounds of the same ammunition through the two guns,
  16. Yes, it is sensitive to weight. If you are using full-charge buckshot, you will have no problems with a mag extension and a full load of nine rounds. "Full charge" means 2 3/4", 3 3/4 dram equivalent (or close to it). It does not mean reduced recoil buckshot loads and it certainly doesn't mean bird shot or target loads or skeet loads. It's when you add the second accessory that you might have problems. The old saying regarding the M1 is that you can pick one of the following: mag extension, sidesaddle, or light. As I've stated many times, mine runs flawlessly with the mag extens
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