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The one in my flyer from Orlando Fl has the P-350 at $369 and the S/N at $399. That is weird my man. BPS tends to make a lot of errors in their advertising, try giving your nearest store a call just to see what is up with that..


But here is my issue - historically the US has much lower pricing on guns than up here in Canada. Typically Canada is approx 20-30% more expensive. Now that the Cdn currancy is no longer at par with the green back one would think that this price gap would widen but it is not. Why would Benelli sell the same gun for $399 in the US and $399 in Canada.......if one used the exchange from today the $399Cdn gun should only cost $320US.....not $399.


399Apr 60.8039320.7654



....and again I still do not get why they would price the Stoeger the same as the Benelli :rolleyes:


Just my $0.02 worth.

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