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Recoil Pad For Ultralight?


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I have seen this discussed several times, but I keep seeing conflicting answers. I just got a new Ultralight and would like to install a better recoil pad. I've heard good things about Limbsaver and I've seen posts saying the #10401 which is listed for the Monti works without any modifications however according to Limbsaver you should actually use the 10030 for the UL and it requires drilling new holes. Can anyone who has personally installed one of these on a UL clarify this? Does the 10401 work without any modification and if so, is it larger than the stock since it's dimensions are bigger than the 10030?


Also, are there any better options than Limbsaver? I'd rather not have to modify things too much and void the warranty, but would like to reduce the felt recoil as much as possible.




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