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  1. Pretty good when the boss takes time to advise. Had the same happen with (ok multiple e mail ) Jeff Halger over sure cycle, good old US of A service !!
  2. Wear some safety glasses please mate!! MoJo.
  3. Hello mate. I have a SN and think its the dogs bollocks! I have heard on different forums that the bloody forend rattle is to allow it to function when full of mud etc, etc. Urban legend perhaps, but what isn't legend, is the fact the way it points and handles, way out of it's price range!! cheers MoJo.
  4. Sorted, if you want the gen give me a call. PS Milltec1 is pretty damn good too!!
  5. Fitted the factory gel pad onto mine, no issues so far MoJo
  6. And that IS the case! The confusion stems from the owners manual and previous S/A's I have owned (Xtrema) which had you pushing down the bolt 1/2 way to get the lever out. cheers spartina.
  7. http://duckandgoosehunting.yuku.com/
  8. "could not get it off with just my hand pulling and hesitant to put any type of tool on it to try and get it off. " Exactly my thoughts as well!! Thanks for the information re cocking lever, sooo just how hard do you have to try to get it back in? I ask as I am planning to use miltec 1 (yes I know another thread full of debate there at least ) to lubricate the weapon for the coming coastal wildfowling season and want to follow their instructions to the letter which means stripping it down a few times to say the least........ I am wondering if this difficu
  9. MoJocvh


  10. MoJocvh


    Are any of the Benelli Crio barrels overbored?? thanks in advance
  11. O/T Has anyone successfully removed the bolt lever from their lightweight?? because I cant!
  12. The biggest problem is that people do not understand how these chokes produce their patterns and the fact that it is heavily dependent on WAD type. Get these sorted in your mind first. (WW user both mobil and cryo types)
  13. Well.................having used my woodcock this season I have to say that it is an Excellent SA and is just what I was looking for for snap shooting decoyed duck at dusk (we get to shoot into the dark and Moonflight as well in Scotland). Despite coming with the long Crio chokes my best results have been using HD 3" 1 3/8oz; 6 1450 fps AND a WW SWAT. Now to your point. I have not had a choke work loose (yet) with the woodcock but I did have it on a regular basis with my XT1 and I am a LOT happier using an External choke in the field as it is instantly accessible for checking
  14. Danny just had mine out fpr the first time today see my thread titled "lightweight/woodcock question" Handles like a dream, used 28gram 1600fsec Hull sovereign to start with, OK, then up to Eley 36gramm bismuth, these hunting shells actually felt easier then the previous shells due to a longer "push" than the competition shells, tried a 53gram 3" magnum, doable but not recomended IMO LOL as the UK supplied guns dont come with gelpad only hard plastic buttpad. Andy Brown.
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