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Problems with a Nova 20 receiver...


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I recently bought Nova 20 Youth/Junior for my wife and it was one of the best decisions, she is really enjoying it. I also have a Nova 12 that I have enjoyed and never had a problem with.


Now with the 20 I have run into to two problems. The first problem I had was with some Federal shells that would not seat when pumping into the chamber. I remedied this by using a different brand of shells but it seemed a bit strange.


The second problem that I'm having now showed up after I cleaned and reassembled the 20 :rolleyes: , the receiver does not fully drop down when pumping, so that it blocks the shell and the shell ends up popping out the bottom rather than making it into the chamber. Something is causing the receiver to not drop into place at the beginning of the pump stroke :-(


These are my first guns and I'm still learning my way around them. I'm looking too you more experienced hands to help me figure it out , thanks...

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Originally posted by [stray]:

The first problem I had was with some Federal shells that would not seat when pumping into the chamber. I remedied this by using a different brand of shells but it seemed a bit strange.

I ran into this too. I think it was due to the length of the brass on the shell. I notice that some are fairly short. Wish I had taken better notice of what shells they were from Federal, as all I ever see on the Benelli shows is how great Federal is - yet my one experience with a box of 25 rounds sucked royal. So much so that I haven't bought any since.


My problem was slightly different than yours. After firing a shell I could pump the gun, eject it, chamber another round, fire it, and that round would be stuck. Literally. I had to take the barrel off to get the shell out each time. It was do this to at least every other shell, and sometimes one right after another.


Switched to Remington and haven't had a problem since.


As for your other problem, sorry, no clue here. I'm sure some of the other guys will chime in shortly with some good advice though.


Best of luck.

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Ive seen this a couple of times. The "receiver" youre refering to is called the carrier or shell carrier. Its the part that lifts the shell from the magazine to the chamber. If you take the trigger assembly out and work the carrier up and down you might notice it hitting the lefthand shell latch as the carrier goes by. This is causing another shell to be let out of the magazine prematurely so when you cycle the gun a shell will drop out sometimes. To fix this, push the carrier to the upward position and take a small file and remove some of the material from the part of the carrier that hits the shell latch until it no longer hits. Only remove what is necessary and that should solve your problems. Hope this helps.

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When physically inspecting the carrier it was definately catching on the lefthand side against the shell latch. My 12 seems to do that too, but when the pump slide action starts it drops down nicely while the 20 does not. Since this was working before I "cleaned" it, is there something else I may have done with reassembly that may have reduced the carrier spring tension so it does not pop down? I'm a little reluctant to take a file to it just yet ;)

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Here is an update, after reading Wallhanger's suggestion, I had another look at the 20 and this time I reached in from the bottom and pushed the carrier in simulating loading a shell, then I used my finger to push it away from the shell latch, which it did. After that I was able to cycle shells through with out a hitch. Pretty strange but at least I don't need to file it and I know just that much more about the gun. Thanks for your feedback guys!

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