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  1. http://bit.ly/IAY7ja Sling: http://store.benelliusa.com/benelli-neoprene-sling-with-logo http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Search.aspx?catid=0&filter=983730 http://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=mgwi&Product_Code=90401&Category_Code=benelli-accessories http://bit.ly/IAY9I4 Mag: http://store.benelliusa.com/30-06-springfield-r1-magazine http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/benelli-magazines/81123 http://www.ableammo.com/catalog/benelli-springfield-round-matte-magazine-81110-p-128113.html
  2. I wasn't sure what a Spur-wing or Knob-bill looked like so here's pics of all of them for everyone else to see better. Some cool looking birds you harvested there! Egyptian: Spur-winged:
  3. Dang - would sure like to. What does it cost for an Out of Country guy to hunt there?
  4. I always wondered what someone would say if you contacted them and asked if it was a money band on their pigeon you just shot Shot a nice snow-white pigeon one time that was banded like that. Didn't think to look it up though...
  5. Felonious reference to my person and the current President. That's a banning.
  6. texas skeeter, consider this your first warning. Improper use of lower-case letters in user id.
  7. DOOKEY FACE, until it is official, consider this your first warning. I dislike your user id.
  8. Duggan, until it is official consider this your first warning. Felonis laughter is not allowed.
  9. I am unable to moderate this thread and ban people. I hope to have the ban hammer in hand, soon.
  10. So do I have the job or what?
  11. Also, goto this page and watch the second video down: http://www.wildlifemanagementtechnologies.com/sg_tv.html
  12. You need to buy one of these: http://www.quailrestoration.com/
  13. You should buy one so you could win me come cool Swag!
  14. Magician? Hmm... I always thought of him as a wizard myself. Goto: http://www.google.com Once there, see on the top of the page where it says "Shopping"? Click on that word. Now that you are there, type in "mesa barrel clamp" (or whatever item you are shopping for) and then click on "Search".
  15. It is apparent why some animals eat their young.
  16. You can check out his pricing on his new website: http://www.bodylanguagedecoys.com/ Looks like they range from $100 - $120. And yes - Don's a great guy - very nice. He and his boys do a lot of waterfowl hunting each year over the decoys they make. I had him make a Grebe (a confidence decoy) for me - it's so nice that I've been hesitant to take it out and use it.
  17. http://www.refugeforums.com/refuge/showthread.php?t=788599 This guy makes some awesome waterfowl decoys - and these turkey decoys are looking pretty awesome as well. Seems like I recall you using the DS turkey decoys which are some of the best I've ever seen, but these don't seem too shabby.
  18. Canadian Bacon? Is the the RCMP?
  19. Spend too much time at work, and too much time on the Refuge. I am still alive
  20. You can buy the permanone at almost any sporting goods store, or even Walmart has it. http://www.greatoutdoorsdepot.com/repel-permanone-clothing-repellant.html I spray all my outdoor gear down with it and haven't had any tick problems since doing so. It's worth the cost in my opinion.
  21. Are you using Todd then for your Canvasback? He sure does some nice work.
  22. Again I would ask to see all of these instances where it got out of hand. I quoted actual hunters that had been there, but I've not seen the articles referencing slob hunters shooting private homes, as I would think that would have been quite news worthy. Or was that a line used by someone wanting people to stay away from their private ground which is bordered by a PUBLIC resource? Montana invited them in? That might be true, I couldn't say as I don't know that for fact. I've not seen too many states that go out of their way to invite rich people in to buy up private ground. I could be wrong of course. It's not my state. I've never lived a day in Montana. In fact I've never even spent a night in that state. I've certainly been in it and passed through parts of it, but that's the extent of my citizenship for Big Sky Country. I just didn't think it made sense to not support law abiding waterfowl hunters when they needed it. Especially since I know some of them personally and know for a fact that they are not slob hunters. .
  23. I haven't seen this. Do you have an article somewhere that shows this occurred? Fair enough, though a legal loop-hole is sure sh!tty, especially when that same loop-hole can now be used everywhere else in the entire nation. I sincerely hope they find fault in what he's doing in order to prevent this from happening everywhere else. I'm not opposed to logic or discussing things based upon fact, but saying that the area should be closed because of a slob hunter as you put it, seems extreme. How about they bust the one slob, if the one slob exists, and punish that person to the fullest extent of the law, rather than punishing law abiding hunters? What is irrational with that thought? .
  24. So basically you're saying "It's not in my backyard so I'm ok with it." Er... ok. Isn't that the whole point? That it could very easily happen in areas that any one of us hunts that borders private ground? Basically they did this because the courts ruled that they could not keep people out of the waterway as long as they accessed it below the high-water mark. Is this one area a big deal in and of itself? Meaning, will the locals to that area suffer tremendously if they can't hunt waterfowl in that one spot? No. Is it the fact that they could set a precedent for everywhere else that's a problem? Yes. Should we care about what can affect us tomorrow if we ignore something today? Yes. Saying it isn't a problem in your area in California, and that they're good buds or whatever, that's all well and good, but that sure seems to be turning a blind eye to it. And no where did I or would I advocate destruction of private property. I wouldn't even advocate screaming and yelling at Huey, Dewey or Louie. It does however make me ill to think that someone who enjoys waterfowling would pull this type of garbage and leave the rest of us open to this. I am all for private land owners rights, but as long as no one breaks the law by accessing those PUBLIC areas then who are they to try and keep them off PUBLIC ground.
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