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I have heard many good things about the EZ Pull trigger and i am thinking about buying for by R1. I hear that it gets the pull down from 1 to 2 lb by using simple physics but I want to know a few things first. Does it leave marks on the trigger guard, and how safe is it having a trigger pull that low? I heard that you are not suppose to use gloves when using the EZ Pull because it is unsafe. I also know the trade-off between looks and performance.



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I tried the EZ Pull on my R-1. I found that it works as advertised, however. Be extremely careful using it. The EZ Pull is wider than the trigger guard and the safety is located forward of the trigger. If you are not careful you can accidently pull the trigger while moving the safety to the fire postion. Look through my thread (What have U shot with your R-1) I wrote about using the EZ PUll. It did leave some marks on the trigger guard.


Good Luck



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