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Got any Tips or Tricks to install a 3 position M1014 recoil tube?

Flame Red

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Trying to help out a buddy install a three position recoil tube on his 1014. I understand I have heat the **** out of the back of the receiver (heat gun I do have) to get it off. I'll have to look for something heat resistant to pad it in the vise. But I see the tube really does not have anything for a wrench to grab hold of.


Anyone got any good tips or tricks to help me make this go easier? I don't want to screw this up.

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Ok folks, I did it. It was not too hard. First, you totally disassemble the shotgun. Remove the pin that hold in the grip and unscrew the grip from the tube. Spray down the whole thing with gun scrubber as you are going to get this baby hot and if you have any oil or grease in it it will set it on fire. have a 27mm wrench and vice grips handy. You really need to use a proprane tourch to heat it up as an electric heat gun does not get it hot enough. Put it in a well padded vice - I did use scrap wood blocks that did get brun. Rubber pads will melt.


Heat that baby up and you should be able to remove the nut. While continueing to apply heat, use the vice grips to gently turn the tube. Eventually with enough heat it will break free without a lot of force. Continue to apply heat or it will immediately dock up.


I liberally applied red lock tight and put the stock back on to make sure it aligned up properly and locked the nut doen. Reassemble, relub and enjoy!

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