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Thinking about a Cordova


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I read on another forum that the Cordoba is basically the same gun as the SuperSport. When I l recently examined one in a local gun shop, the clerk behind the counter disputed this and proceeded to point out all of the differences, but the differences he was pointing out were all cosmetic. He then pronounced the SuperSport as much nicer looking than the "ugly" Cordoba and that if he was choosing between the two, he would take the SuperSport. Another customer standing next to me agreed with the clerk. I on the other hand liked the Cordoba much better and in fact want one really bad, I just do not have funds to spend that much on another shotgun right now. :(


I have not shot a Cordoba so I can't say how well they perform in the field or at the range, but I bet they are very reliable, hey it is a Benelli, a fine tuned precision instrument!



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Dont know much about the Cordova anyone own one or know anything about them


I have a 20 ga. and love it. I got it for my gf mainly, but I tried it out on doves one day and its a sweet shooter. Its gonna be my teal gun next year too. I really like the shell indicator. I find myself checking that a lot after I shoot to see if I reloaded or not.

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