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New R1


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I'm new to high powered rifles and a newbie to this forum. Done a lot of shooting in my early life in Ohio, but mostly open sights and no need for high powered rifle. Always thought it would be fun to hunt in Michigan or Pennsylvania and would really love to go out west where rifles are allowed. (Ohio does have some good deer hunting). I'm 62 and feel I need to do this over the next few years if I'm ever going to do it.


Just purchased the R1 270 WSM. Want to put a new scope on it or use the one that I have which is a Nikon Pro Staff 3-9 40mm. First question: How do I get to use the pre drilled holes as I see no place to insert a screwdriver head to take out what is filling the holes. Plan to use the factory base mount. The bolts for installation are there, but no washers.


Question 2: Is this the right scope (have it on a slug barreled Super Nova now) or should I be considering something else?


Any advice for these questions will be appreciated and I look forward to your replys. Or any suggestions in general as I embark on this new path for hunting.



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Your 3-9 x40 Nikon will be fine.


That is a nice flat shooting round also & a good gun.


I would keep the Nikon on it for a while until you get comfortable with the longer ranges available to you & get a feel for the new gun.


You can always move up in power (or down), or decide you want to try a different reticle style scope.

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