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SBE breaks carrier spring plungers.


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I was given a Benelli Super Black Eagle about five years ago. I have used the heck out of it, shooting clays and hunting anything from turkeys, to waterfowl, to several other species of upland game. Never had a jam with any loads from light target loads to 3 1/2" turkey loads. The only problem I have had with it is that the carrier spring plunger has broken close to a dozen times since I got it. It took about a year and a half to break the first one, but since then I have had to replace them more and more frequently. Two days ago I shot some trap and broke two of them out of a clean oiled gun within 50 shots of each other. Have any of you had a similar problem? Is there any remedy or should I just keep buying spare plungers and hope I get one that will last a little longer? I have been buying my parts from Brownells and wondering if the quality of my replacements is an issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Matt

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I had a similar problem 4 years ago, the plunger broke, had it repaired, about a year later, after shooting a lot of dove and quail, it broke again. I sent to Benelli for repair. They replaced the whole trigger assembly and a couple of springs.  They gave no reason for the problem except to say the trigger assembly was “worn out”.  That was three years ago. It just broke again.  The gun is over 20 years old, I bought it used in 1998. Trying to decide if I want to keep replacing plungers or trash it.

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