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Tacstar... hmmmm


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So I was getting all amped up to hit the range tonight, and I went ahead and threw on a tacstar magazine extension. (The shop threw it in as a freebie with the new m4) While I am no metallurgist, Upon comparison the tacstar spring seems to be of a thinner gauge and not wound as many times at it's ends. I am thinking of just throwing the original components back on until I decide which single piece replacement tube to buy. Has anyone here had issues with the tacstar springs? The tube itself seems fine enough. I just wanted to de-neuter the Benelli for its first range trip. I mean, we all want the best for our children right? Let me know your thoughts..... Blue4

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I doubt that it would hurt anything. If its too wimpy it may not feed the last round in reliably. I'd go for it. If nothing else you will have a better basis for comparison when you get your full length tube. If you got it why not use it...even if only temporarily. Its not like you are going to devalue it much by mounting it. Somebody on Gunbroker may appreciate it being field tested for a short time.

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